Short Details – English

Short details – Chris Andrews
Singer/ Songwriter – worldwide success with Songs like “ Yesterday man“, „to whom it concerns“,“Carol OK“, „Pretty Belinda“…

  • Wrote most of Sandie Shaw`s Hits eg.: “ Long live love“,“girl don`t come“,“message understood“,“nothing comes easy“,“Tomorrow“…
  • And many hits for Adam Faith :“ The first time“,“we are in love“., “ it`s alright“…..
  • Also wrote songs for many other artists like Mamas and Papas , Cher ,  Agnetha from ABBA …
  • Wrote the  music for the musical  „Tom Brows school days“
  • Got the BASCA-Award for his lifework
  • success : UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Benelux, Austria,Switzerland,  Scandinavia, USA S.Africa, Australia…
  • Wrote more than 700 Songs for himself and others
  • besides other movies e.g. „loss of sexual innocence, „good morning Vietnam“, „blau blüht der Enzian“…“Yesterday man“ AND „girl don`t come“ were featured worldwide in the movie „the boat, that rocked“, released in April 2009 !!!
  • The first CD since the album „Exile“ in 1996 was „Country-boy at heart“ (2008)
  • The brand new party-version of Pretty Belinda was released in July 2009 on EMI !!!
  • „Girl don`t come will be played in „National Portrait-Gallery London from oct 2009
  • July and Aug. 09 once again back in the Charts with 2 new recordings !!!
  • Will be honoured for 50 years disco-music in Oct. 2009 !!!
  • New CD “ Africa“ 2010 **
  • 2010/11 celebrating his 50th official stage aniversary**
  • April 2011 New jubilee- LP CD Fifty-Fifty, distributed through Koch-Universal **
  • July 2011 appearing in the Royal Festival Hall London
  • April 2012 one of the special guests on Jet Harries memorial foundation in England
  • 2013 new Single „white christmas“, a duett with Tobee will be released.
  • BBC- TV documentary Queens of british Pop with Chris Andrews as special guest -shown several times !!!
  • 2014 the new rock n roll album „still rockin and ravin“ will be presented and released on January 26th, 2014 in Westend London!
    March 2014 the Carneval Song „crazy“ / „Die Nacht ist da zum feidern will be presented in WDR TV !
  • February 2015 The Duet from Chris and Michelle Kissling will be released !
  •  Chris is still writing and giging worldwide with and without band !
  • Solidarfonds Award 2016
  • Artist of the year 2016
  • Release of the Album Morning Light: 29.8.16
  • Release of the Album Stars for Christmas with many other int. Artists 29.11.16
  • 2018 Single Barbarella
  • 2018/19 Music Revue Chris Andrews: Yesterday man, The first time and Toorrow
  • 2019/20  50 Years Pretty Belinda